I have no account to make a thread on XDA developers.
Is there anybody to open a thread for this launcher?
Please let me know. I will add a link to the thread. =)


  1. Thank you for new exellent launcher,please,don't stop.
    Some my wishes:
    1.I use qlauncher on tablet ,and I would like to see autorotatio,if it possible,now I use third party programm for this.
    2.I setup icons scale for maximum,but in open folders the icons size not changed.
    P.S.please, keep placement of icons in open folder in line,this is very nice,for many icons in folder,the horizontal scrolling will be very useful
    3.Gesture to invoke the list of tags cathegories,it is faster.
    4.When we scroll between two widget with different sizes,placed on top of screen, the placement of icons grid is changed in vertical direction,it looks like jump.May be the placement of icons grid has to be defined by widget with maximum size ?
    4.And sometimes I want to hide "cross" for adding shortcuts (or change it for another sign)

    Besr regards

  2. Hi admin, this is my request..

    you must provided the password settings, i mean is password to unlock the hidden icons

    Thanks before. qLauncher is the Best :)