Update history

v1.0.15 (15.02.26)

Added 'show notification count' option in the preferences.
(No more requires 'Notification Monitor' or 'Missed it' on Android 4.3.1 or higher)

v1.0.14 (15.02.11)

quick bug fix

v1.0.13 (15.02.11)

- supports "Notification Monitor"
- fixed minor bugs

v1.0.12 (15.02.01)

- improved widget picker
- fixed some bugs

v1.0.11 (14.09.12)

- sorting more actively
- fixed some bugs and optimized

v1.0.10 (14.07.30)

- fixed the scrollable widget issue for KitKat
- removed some lags when swiping widgets
- fixed some bugs

v1.0.9 (14.07.17)

- fixed the bug not displaying the unread SMS/MMS count for some devices

v1.0.8 (14.07.09)

- fixed some bugs

v1.0.7 (14.07.03)

- fixed the third icon cropping issue in folder icon
- applied fading edge on top while scrolling

v1.0.6 (14.07.02)

- removed lags when swiping widgets
- app can be launched by saying its name

v1.0.5 (14.06.27)

- added an advanced option: 'ignore add/remove request'
- adjusted the text size in the tag list
- fixed some bugs and optimized

v1.0.4 (14.06.25)

fixed unstable layout issue in some versions of Samsung firmware
- fixed some bugs

v1.0.3 (14.06.21)

faster folder animation
- fixed some bugs

v1.0.2 (14.06.19)

better experience when dragging item
- fixed some bugs and optimized

v1.0.1 (14.06.17)

- published into Play store